Secrets of the Maya

Uncover the mysteries of the Mayan Temple

Your team of explorers has discovered a lost Mayan temple deep in the jungle. While investigating, you triggered an ancient trap – sealing you inside! Unlock the secrets and escape before you are lost forever.

Can you overcome the temple’s challenges and escape?

Best for 2 – 5 players

Room Difficulty 7/10

Game Time 60 minutes

All Private Experience

In the heart of a dense, untamed jungle, your group of intrepid explorers has stumbled upon a discovery that could rewrite history: a lost Mayan temple, hidden for centuries, now revealed. This ancient structure, cloaked in vines and mystery, stands as a testament to a civilization long vanished but not forgotten. Your team, driven by curiosity and the thrill of adventure, decide to venture inside, unaware that the temple is far more than it seems. Navigate the challenges of this escape room and uncover its secrets.