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Mission: Deep cover


Difficulty: 8 / 10

Room capacity: 10 | Recommended players: 4 – 8 | Minimum players: 2 (3 Saturday) | Family-friendly

Your team of agents must infiltrate the crew of a nuclear submarine, and secretly launch a missile at an enemy submarine without the rest of the crew finding out. Get in, complete your mission, and escape before you are discovered.

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Secrets of the Maya


Difficulty: 7 / 10

Room capacity: 8 | Recommended players: 2 – 6 | Minimum players: 2 (3 Saturday) | Family-friendly

Your team of explorers has discovered a lost Mayan temple deep in the jungle. Can you make your way through this archaeological wonder and escape unscathed? Be careful, the temple is full of traps!

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Jolly Jumble: Christmas Conundrum


Difficulty: 5 / 10

Room capacity: 6 | Recommended players: 2 – 4 | Minimum players: 2 | Family-friendly

It’s the night before Christmas and there’s been a merry mix-up at 1225 Pine Tree Lane. Santa has delivered the packages but the gifts inside got scrambled up! It’s up to you and your team of elves to sneak in, put the gifts in their proper boxes, and exit before Christmas morning comes! There’s a kicker – due to rampant present peeking last year, Santa has added extra security to the packages. You’ll have to find clues and solve puzzles around the cabin in order to open them!

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