Mission: Deep Cover

Infiltrate an enemy nuclear submarine

You are a team of special agents who has infiltrated an enemy submarine powered by a nuclear reactor. Your mission is to infiltrate their systems and fire a missile at one of their own battleships. Get in, complete your mission, and escape before you are discovered.

Do you have what it takes to complete your mission and escape?

Best for 4 – 8 players

Room Difficulty 8/10

Game Time 60 minutes

All Private Experience

Beneath the dark, roiling waves of the ocean, your team of unparalleled special agents is dispatched on a mission of utmost secrecy and danger: to infiltrate an enemy nuclear submarine. Your team must navigate through a complex web of security systems, cryptic codes, and high-tech puzzles to gain control of the missile launch system. With time as your most relentless enemy, you are tasked not only with firing a missile to neutralize a dire threat but also with engineering your own escape before you are discovered and unleash the full fury of the submarine’s crew upon you.

Good luck, agents.