Wild West Quest

Coming soon!

Discover the fabled treasure of a secret society

Howdy, partners! Discover the engimatic clues left behind by a secret society of outlaws and unearth their legendary treasure hidden somewhere in the wild west town of Lackwater – hurry before another gang loots it!

Can you find the treasure before a rival gang does?

Best for 2 – 8 players

Room Difficulty TBD

Game Time 60 minutes

All Private Experience

It’s 1891 in the dusty Wild West Town of Lackwater. Last night, a cryptic note was slipped into your hand at the local saloon, sparking a thrilling quest for a hidden treasure that was abandoned by a clandestine society of outlaws after being run out of town by the local sheriff. Roam the ramshackle streets and shadowy corners of Lackwater where clues are woven into the fabric of the old town. Decode messages, solve intricate puzzles, and dodge the traps left by the outlaws to protect their stash. You’re not alone in this race – other bands of fortune seekers are on the trail. Can you outwit your rivals and unlock the secrets to claim the society’s riches before they do? Experience this exhilarating St. George escape room and see if you can beat the clock to the legendary treasure.

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